To help get the best out of your Optris infrared temperature sensor, we offer a range of optional accessories.

  • Air Purge Collars – really important if you want to use the sensor in a dusty or dirty environment. The air purge collars help to keep the lens of your sensor clean and maintain the accuracy of your measurements.
  • Digital Interfaces – these interfaces suit all of the CT and CTLaser range of products and allow you to expand the sensor capabilities for easier integration into your process. Choose from USB, RS232, RS485, CANBus, Profibus DP and Ethernet.
  • Mounting Brackets – rather than making your own we have a choice of brackes suitable for all CS, CSmicro and CT sensing heads to make installation really easy for you.
  • Optical Accessories – do you need to focus on a small spot? Do you need to be able to see around corners? Perhaps you need a laser sighting tool? We have it all here and more.

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Air Purge Collars


If a device finds use in dusty surroundings, an air purge collar can be adjusted to the sensing head. The laminar air purge collar is available for all M12x1 sensing head threads. The air outlet to the site avoids acooling down of the object when having short measurement distances. The laminar air purge collar is adjustable at two aches with a mounting bracket.

Digital Interfaces for Optris CT IR Sensors


All of the Optris CT compact series and CTLaser High Performance series of infrared pyrometers have a separate electronic box. Within this is an on board socket is provided which can be used for optional digital interfaces to expand their integration into your process. Plug and play connectivity makes them easy to setup and software is provided free of charge and license free.. Available modules are:

  • USB
  • Relay outputs
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • CAN-Bus
  • Profibus DP
  • Ethernet.

Mounting Brackets


Designed to make installation of your Optris infrared temperature sensor easier. Extensive mechanical accessories are available for the compact infrared thermometers. Mounting brackets, mounting bolt and mounting forks are available for all stainless steel sensing heads (threads M12x1).

Optical Accessories


Optical accessories, such as CF lenses are available for all sensing heads of the compact series. The measurement of smallest objects starting from 0.6 mm is therefore made possible.