Accurate Measurement of Fuel Consumption in Diesel Engines with the Kobold DON Flowmeter

Kobold DON Oval Wheel Flow Meters can be used for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines using the dual flow inputs and the ‘A-B’ setting. A pair of DON flowmeters with a single electronic model ZOK-Z3 will give a net reading of fuel consumption. In this off-shore application, a fuel consumption measurement system was effectively implemented on diesel engines in small ships/ vessels. A pair of stainless steel flowmeters (DON-S15… for flows upto 550 l/h per flowmeter) was used and one ZOK-Z3 per engine. As choking of the flowmeter or strainer in the main line could result in higher differential pressure and lead to diminishing fuel to the engine, an alternative was to use a pressure relief valve in the bypass line. Higher inlet pressure opened the pressure relief valve and ensured a constant supply to the diesel engine. In some cases, the choice of “pulsating flow” option may be recommended.

With this installation, the fishermen are now in a position to monitor the actual real time fuel consumption and adapt the ship speed to optimise it. The system paid for itself within a month.