Compact Temperature Transmitter PPL20-TX

Our PPL20 series of sensors are evolutions of the traditional temperature probe designs. They are designed to offer the end user a compact design that is easy to use and maintain. The sensor is built around a single piece fabricated stainless steel housing which houses both the sensor and transmitter board. The customer interfaces with the unit via an industry standard DIN43650 or M12 connector. The clean lines and superb build quality make it ideal for use in applications where hygiene is important. Traditional terminal heads are clumsy and offer lots of potential dirt traps. Our PPL20 series avoids this.

Our PPL20-TX temperature sensor is the simplest in the range and has a plain stem below the transmitter body. It is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range. All sensors are made to order so it is generally possible to meet all of your requirements.

The complete stem of the probe and housing is made from 316 stainless steel and is TIG welded closed to give a high quality single piece product. Many metric and imperial probe diameters are available from 3mm upwards, however we recommend diameter of 4.5mm upwards to provide sufficient support to the housing.

Built in is a 4-20mA output temperature transmitter that is loop powered. We can configure the unit to any temperature range you require, or we can supply a USB interface and PC software that makes this easy on site.

The PPL20-TX is ideal for use with compression fittings or our PPL50-TW pocket making them easy to install in your process.

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PPL20 Plug In Display

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  • Compact Temperature Transmitter with Plain Stem
  • 4-20mA output
  • Clean Simple Design
  • Ideal for use in Food, Beverage & Dairy Industries
  • Choice of Stainless Steel Sheath & Body Sizes
  • IP65 or IP67 Connector Options
  • UKAS or Traceable Calibration Available.
Sensor Type: Platinum Resistance Thermometer—Pt100, 3 wire
Output: 4-20mA, 2 wire.
Power Supply: 10-30V d.c. Loop Powered.
Operating Range of Sensor: -50 to +250°C.
Ambient Temperature: 0 to +70°C (for transmitter housing)
Sheath/Housing Material: 316 stainless steel
Sensor Tolerance Band: Class B, Class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN or 1/10 DIN
Transmitter Accuracy: ±0.25%
Connector Types: A—DIN43650 IP65 (as shown in photo)
B—M12 IP67
Head Options: A – Ceramic Terminal Block
B – In Head Transmitter—various types
C – Tails for Customers Own Transmitter