Kobold DPL Rotating Vane Flowmeter – Low Volume

The KOBOLD DPL is ideal for applications requiring a low cost, accurate means of measuring liquids. With all wetted parts constructed of synthetic materials. it resists aggressive media.
It is suited for a variety of industrial, commercial and laboratory applications.
The principle of operation is as follows:
A jet of liquid is directed at a free running turbine in a specially shaped chamber. The blade interrupts an internal infra-red beam and converts this into a pulse output with a frequency that is direction-ally proportional to the rate of flow. Sapphire bearings ensure high linearity and durability.

Its compact design allows it to be used in equipment where space is at a premium. The large number of pulse evaluation options available means that the system is suited to a wide range of applications:


Low viscosity liquids
Non-conductive liquids
Volume dosing with external electronics
Filter aid
Beverage industry

Technical Details

Accuracy: ± 2.5% of Full Scale ± 5% of Full Scale (OEM Version)
Linearity: ± 1% of Full Scale


Media Temperature: -40…158 °F


Ambient Temperature: -22…140 °F


Max. Pressure: 145 PSIG


Protection: IP 65



Housing: Polypropylene


Rotating Vane: Polypropylene


Axle/Bearing: Sapphire


Vane Mount: Polysulfone


Gasket: NBR, FKM,or EPDM



Measuring range: 0.025 – 0.5  … 1 – 25 l/min water
Connection: G ½ male thread or hose connector
Material: polypropylene
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 70°C
Linearity: ±1 %
Output: Pulse