Kobold DMH electromagnetic flowmeter

Kobold DMH Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The Kobold DMH electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure and monitor the volume flow rate of fluids, pulps, pastes and other electrically conductive materials, without loss of pressure. When an electrically conductive medium passes through a directional magnetic field, a voltage is induced in accordance with Faraday’s Law of Induction. The size of this measurement voltage is proportional to the mean rate of flow and consequently also to the volume flow rate.

A flowmeter consists of a sensor that picks up the measuring signal generated from the induced voltage, and a transducer that converts this signal into a standardised output signal (4-20 mA or pulses). The measurement transducer can be affixed to the sensor or mounted separately. Pressure, temperature, density and viscosity do not affect the volume measurement. Solid fractions and gas bubbles should be avoided.

The DMH flowmeter has a wide range of uses made possible by the following features:

Wide choice of linings
Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Tantalum or Platinum electrodes
Wide variety of process connections
Ability to deal with harsh ambient conditions


Measuring range: 0.05 … 40376 m³/h
Connection: flange DN10 … DN1200, ANSI ½ … 48″
Lining material: hard rubber, soft rubber, PTFE / PFA
pmax: PN40
Temperature range: -20 … +150°C
Accuracy: ±0.3 % of reading ±0.01 % x Qmax
Output: pulse / analogue output, status display, totalizer, Hart®