Kobold LPS paddle flow switch for air applications

Kobold LPS Paddle Flow Switch for Air

With the Kobold LPS Paddle Flow Switch the monitored air stream acts on the paddle and over a mechanism actuates the dust-proof microswitch that signals whether the set minimum or maximum volume of air flows are being met. The flow monitor is suited for universal application as the switch/ signalling point can be finely adjusted over a broad range. In addition to being rugged, they have the added benefit of being inexpensive.


Switching range: OFF: 1 m/s … 8 m/s air ON: 2.5 m/s … 9.2 m/s air
Connection: square flange
Material: brass
pmax: pressure less
tmax: 85°C

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In air ducts in air conditioning systems
In air discharge and exhaust gas channels
In pneumatic conveyors
On filters
On cyclones
On cooling and drying plant
Ventilator/blower performance monitoring