Kobold PSE and PSR Paddle Flow Switch

Kobold PSE and PSR paddle flow switch internals

Kobold PSE and PSR Paddle Flow Switch

The Kobold PSE and PSR flow switches are simple, reasonably-priced and reliable monitors of fluid motions. Depending on the flow velocity/flow throughput, the baffle plate is deflected and it moves over the balance arm the permanent magnet into the operating range of the reed contact mounted outside the process fluid.

The leaf spring, which also serves as a support for the balance arm, forces the baffle plate back to its rest position where there is no flow. Our baffle plate flow monitors are supplied completely assembled with pipe length up to nominal size 40. For bigger normal pipe sizes the devices are supplied without pipe length for direct fitting and are screwed into standard T pieces or reducing pipes. PTFE tape is used for sealing.

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Switching range: 68 – 90 l/min … 383 – 533 l/min water
Connection: G ½, ½” NPT
Material: brass, stainless steel
pmax: 100 bar
tmax: 110°C
Reed contact