The Optris range of miniature infrared temperature sensors offer the smallest sensing head in the world at just 14mm diameter x 28mm long. With measurement ranges from -50 up to 975C there is sure to be a version that meets your needs.

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Optris CSmicro LT Miniature Infrared Temperature Sensor


The CSmicro LT series of pyrometers are a unique design combining the low cost of the Optris CS with the miniature sensing head and versatility of the Optris CT. The sensing head which is the smallest in the world measuring just 14mm OD x 28mm long and can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120C without cooling.

Optris CT LT Compact Infrared Temperature Sensor


The Optris CT LT is an excellent general purpose miniaturised pyrometer with programmable electronic box. The IR sensing head is suitable for use at ambient temperatures of up to 180°C without cooling and with a choice of optical resolutions there is certain to be a version within the range to suit your application.