Optris PI200 thermal imaging camera

The Optris PI200 Thermal Imager with Visual Camera combines an Infrared image with a Visual image for the first time. The camera is housed in a small case measuring just 45mm x 45mm x 62mm and allows the user to record full frame video in both IR and visual simultaneously at frame rates of up to 128Hz.

The infrared cameras optris PI 200 is equipped with an innovative BI-SPECTRAL technology, allowing the combination and synchronous recording of real-time and thermographic videos and images. This feature makes them optimally suited for employment in conveyor belts or garbage bunkers. The IR camera can also be used in other areas of application, namely research and development, test stations, process automation, and for portable measurement tasks.

The IR camera offers a temperature range from -20°C up to 900°C in the standard version and can be optionally upgraded to 1,500°C.