Optris PI05M Thermal Imaging Camera

Introducing our new Optris PI 05M shortest wavelength camera with an enhanced capability of measuring shorter wavelength of 0.5μm at a spectral range of 500-540nm; making it ideal for temperature measurements of molten metals and metallic surfaces ranging from 900°C-2000°C. As well as that, its high frame rate of 1KHz, decreased measurement errors as well as high optical resolution makes it highly suitable for almost every application and/or industry.


Measuring high temperatures at frame rates of up to 1 kHz
The optris PI 05M measures surfaces continuously from 900 to 2000 °C. At a frame rate of 1 kHz, measurements can be conducted with an optical resolution of 72 x 56 pixels. This region of more than 4000 pixels can be freely positioned. Additionally, there is a direct real-time analog output, again featuring a freely positionable 8 x 8 pixel region. These possibilities offer an optimal adaptation to the respective application.

Special wavelength ideal for high temperature measurements and laser processing applications
The camera detects IR radiation in the spectral range between 500 and 540 nm and is therefore ideally suited for laser processing applications as radiation above 540 nm is blocked excellently. The, for the metal sector commonly used diode lasers in the range of 900-1030 nm and Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm have thus no disturbing influence on the measurement. The camera works here without the need for additional filters. A general advantage of measuring metals at this short wavelength is a significant reduction of measurement errors resulting from changing or unknown emissivities.