201/202 Loop Powered Panel Meters

The Nokeval 201/202 Loop powered bright red LED-display needs no external power supply. Current signal 4-20 mA provides the necessary energy. Therefore, it is possible to install the meter in places with no auxiliary power available. You can now replace the auto-powered LCD-displays by bright red LED-displays.

Which two models are available?

  • 201 (Basic Model) – Alarm relays not available
  • 202 – 2 Alarm relays available


Display scaling and configuration with the front panel buttons.Each Unit has a digital filter for stabilizing the 4-digit display. With the 202 model you can configure two alarm options, high and low.Front panel protection IP65.

Password is setting available for entering configuration and the alarm stages.

Key Features

For process input 4-20 mA
Without external power supply
Loop resistance 240 ohm (201) 370 ohm (202)
4-digit processor based display
Scaling on front panel
2 configurable alarms (202)
Passwords for alarms and configuration
Front panel rating IP 65

Please call 01628 778688 for further information.

Input Details

Inputs: mA
Input Resistance:  201; 240 ohm (voltage drop = 5.0 V) 202; 370 ohm (voltage drop = 7,3 V)

Accuracy: 0.05% full scale

Input Channels: 1

Output Details (202)

Special Functions: High and Low alarm
Relay Information: Semiconductor relays, max. 260 VAC
Outputs: 4…20mA
Alarm Relays:  2

Connection Details (202)

Connection Model: 2.5mm², detachable

Display Details

Display Colour: Red
Number of Digits: 4
Display: 7 segment LED
Digit Size: 14.5mm

Power Supply

Supply Voltage: Max. voltage drop in current loop < 5 V For model 202 < 7.5 V

General Information

Weight: 150g 
Protection Class: IP65 (front panel with a rubber gasket provided)
Dimensions (WHD): 96 x 48x 70mm
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 0 °C (201) -10°C (202)
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60°C