Nokeval 6580 Two-wire 4-20mA Isolator

Nokeval 6580 Two-wire 4-20mA IsolatorNokeval 6580

The Nokeval 6580 is a very slim, only 9 mm, 2-wire converter with galvanic isolation. The converter is powered by output 2-wire loop. It is specially suited to isolate analog inputs of programmable logics because those supply the power and wiring is simple. The idea of connecting power supply to output side eliminates typical problems of conventional isolators like small output load and high input side voltage drop. Three input types are available: 0..20 and 4..20 mA or 0..10V, output is always 4..20 mA. Output load is 700 Ω by 24 VDC power supply.


Very slim, 9.5 mm only
2-wire output 4..20 mA
Inputs 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
Galvanic isolation 1000 V
Power supply 10..34 VDC
Voltage drop in input loop 1V
Output load 700 ohm (with 24 V)
Accuracy 0.05% of span
Specially suited for programmable logics


Input Details

Inputs: mA, V
Input Resistance: mA-50 Ohm, 1MOhm
Input Channels: 1


Output Details

Output Channels: 1
Damping: 10ms
Repeatability: 3.03% full scale
Output Loading: 700 Ohms (24V)
Drift: 0.006% /°C
Accuracy: <0.05% full scale
Outputs: two wire 4…20mA


Connection Details

Current Model: 2.5mm², detachable


Power Supply

Supply Voltage: 2 wire 4…20mA; 10…32 VDC


General Information

Dimensions: 9 x 88 x 58 (WHD)
Galvanic isolation: 1000V
Installation: 35mm DIN rail
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -20°C
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60°C


Please call 01628 778788 for more information.