Nokeval PM10 & PM20 Smart Panel Meters

The Nokeval PM10 & PM20 are modular and multi-channel panel installed meters and controllers for industrial use. Various types of input and output cards can be fitted inside the device.

PM10/PM20 Key Features

Power supply 24 VDC: 21…27 VDC
MicroUSB connector for MekuWin configuration with PC
Serial RS485, Modbus RTU protocol
The colour of the display is adjustable, multi-colour alphanumeric 18-digit display
The display colour can be made to change and flash when alarm happens
Two (PM10) and Six (PM20) channel reading is visible in the display simultaneously or with the channel number display
Versatile mathematical functions for channel or between channels
Maximum of 8 (PM10) and 18 (PM20) input channels, P100, thermocouples, 4-20 mA/0-10V, mV
Maximum of 8 (PM10) and 18 (PM20) output channels, outputs 4-20 mA, 0-10V
The outputs can follow inputs directly or processing, calculation, terms, thoughts, table linearization, totalization, taring or holding can be added between them
Maximum of 6 (PM10) and 16 (PM20) alarm relays


Two channel input card
Two channel output card
Two alarm relay card

Future cards:

One channel pulse input card
Wireless radio card
Power supply card for 90..240 VAC

Call 01628 778688 for more information.

Input Details

Inputs: mA, mV, Ohm, Pt100, Pt1000, Thermocouples, V
Galvanic Isolation: Input galvanically isolated from power supply and other cards
Input Channels: 1-8 (PM10) and 1-18 (PM20)

Output Details

Output Channels: 1-8 (PM10) and 1-18 (PM20)

Connection Details

Connection Model: MicroUSB
Programming: Mekuwin
Bus Interface: RS-485
Bus Protocol: Modbus RTU, Nokeval SCL
Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and 230400

Display Details

Display Colour: Red, Green and Orange simultaneously
Number of Digits: 6 (PM10) and 18 in 3 separate rows (PM20)
Display: 12 segment LED
Digit Size: 14.5mm

Power Supply

Supply Voltage: 24VDC- 21…27 VDC

General Information

Weight: 290g (PM10) and 570g (PM20) with the maximum number of cards
Protection Class: IP65 (front panel with a rubber gasket provided)
Dimensions (WHD): 96 x 48x 115mm (PM10) and 96 x 96 x 115 mm (PM20)
Installation: Panel
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -30°C
maximum Ambient Temperature: 70°C
Case Material: Plastic, Black