Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

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There are many applications where Non-Contact Infrared Temperature sensors have advantages over contact probes such as thermocouples. Some of these advantages are:

  • Excellent choice for surface temperature measurement over contact probes.

  • Very fast response time ideal for use in applications with high speed temperature changes or where objects are moving quickly.

  • By measuring remotely, the sensor does not influence the measurement as is possible with contact methods such as in thin materials or moving items such as rotating drums.

  • Very wide temperature measurement range of over 2000°C.

  • Remote measuring allows the measurements to be taken from a safe distance ensuring long sensor life.

Our range of sensors and thermometers is split into three distinct areas.

  • The Compact Series offer the user a miniature sensing head with great flexibility and low cost.

  • Our High Performance Series give the user higher specification optics for small measuring spots at greater distance plus our innovative laser aiming system which shows both position and size of the measuring spot.

  • Finally our Hand Held Infrared Thermometers offer you a self contained method of non-contact temperature measurement with built in laser aiming, LCD display and data recording functionality.

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