Optris High Performance Infrared Pyrometersoptris infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras

The Optris range of High Performance Infrared Pyrometers take non-contact temperature measurement technology to the next level by providing the user with some major benefits when used within their process.

  • Wide temperature measurement range from -50 to more than 2200°C.optris high performance infrared pyrometer
  • High quality optics give small measuring spot sizes at a range of distances down to 0.5mm diameter.
  • Unique dual laser aiming system matched to optics ensure easy and accurate sensor aiming.
  • Special units for applications that require special treatment such as flame temperature measurement, through flame measurement, plastic films, high temperature metals and glass.
  • Adjustable emissivity on all Optris products.
  • Easy process integration with a choice of optional interfaces and output options including Profibus, RS485, USB and CAN-bus.
  • Wide range of accessories to protect your sensor during use.


Our CSLaser and CTLaser include a unique dual laser aiming system that not only displays where the sensor is aiming,Optris CSlaser high performance IR pyrometer with dual laser aiming it also shows the size of the measuring spot at all distances in the optical path. This is critical in applications where small parts are being measured or the line of sight to the part is possibly obscured by machine parts or induction coils.

In addition, the high quality optics offer a choice of resolutions to suit the demands of the application. Spot sizes are minimised across a wide range of measuring distances enabling you to measure small components whilst mounting the sensor safely away from the process.

The new CSVideo and CTVideo pyrometers give even greater flexibility by offering through the lens aiming of the sensor. These have already been proven to give much greater accuracy in aiming in application where it is not possible to see a traditional laser aiming system either because the laser points are obscured by machinery or because the object is red hot and washed out the laser light. The video sensor allow the user to aim the sensors with pin point accuracy on even the smallest parts.CTlaser CSlaser Cooling Jacket air purge collar and mounting bracket

We understand our sensors can be used in some extremely arduous applications and we therefore offer a complete range of accessories to support the sensor whilst in use. This range encompasses air purge collars for keeping lenses clean through to cooling jacket for high ambient operating temperatures.

We are always willing to assist with your sensor selection. Please contact us now for more information or for a quotation.

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