High Performance Series Accessories


Digital Interfaces for Optris CT

Digital Interfaces for CT

All of the high performance series with a separate electronic box have an on board socket which can be used for optional digital interfaces. Available modules are: USB, RS232, RS485, CAN-Bus, Profibus DP and Ethernet.

Mounting Bracket CSlaser CTlaser

Mechanical Accessories

Various mechanical accessories, such as mounting brackets are available for the infrared thermometers of the high precision series (adjustable at one or two axes). We can also supply suitable sighting tubes and furnace flange mounts for our sensors. Please ask for more details.

CTlaser CSlaser Air Purge Collar

Air Purge Collars

Air purge collars are available in different sizes depending on the devices. The sensing head will be protected from dirt and outside impacts.

CTlaser CSlaser Cooling Jacket

Cooling Jacket

The use of a water cooling housing (up to 175°C) is recommended for applications with higher surrounding temperatures. The cooling jacket protects the sensing head in surroundings with even higher temperatures (cooling with air up to 100°C and with water up to 240°C). Additional high temperature resistant cables are available.

CT electronics blank cover

DIN Rail Mounting and Blank Cover for CT

The rail mount adapter plate is used to mount the electronic box onto mounting rails. The closed cover of the electronics enclosure ensures that parameters are not changed without authority.

Optris CompactConnect Software

Compact Connect Software

The real time software Optris Compact Connect allows simple and configuration of the fixed infrared thermometers from the compact and high performance series. The following applications are available:

  • No limitation in licensing.
  • Customer specific software adjustments.
  • Complete device configuration.
  • Temperature display and recording.
  • Automatic process control.
  • Temperature data analysis and documentation.

The software optris Compact Connect is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and PC systems via Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.