Optris PI Connect Training Videos

PI Connect software SDK

Want to know how to use Optris PI Connect? These videos can show you.

Process Parameters prides itself on the level of support we provide to our customers both before and after a purchase. We have now developed a range of free videos to show users of our cameras how to achieve different things within the software and ensure they get the best analysis of their processes. The videos are also of interest to prospective customers who will be able to see just how easy it is to configure the software to meet their needs. These videos are not intended to be a replacement for direct technical support which will always be freely provided, just contact us in the usual way. More videos will be added as they are generated. If there is a feature you think would benefit from a video, please let us know.


Introduction to Optris PI Connect

This video provides an overview of the main features of the PI Connect software and an introduction to accessing some of the configuration menus.


Creating and using Measuring Areas

The use of Measuring Areas in your Optris PI Connect software is fundamental to getting the most out of your software. This video explains how to create, manipulate and utilise measuring areas to achieve better analysis of your process.


Using the Temperature Time Diagram in PI Connect

There is much more to PI Connect than just a graphical image showing temperature as colour. All Optris thermal imaging cameras are fully radiometric which means that each pixel provides a real time temperature measurement. Extracting temperature data is easy with PI Connect and the Temperature Time diagram gives easy access to this. This video shows how to make the most of this feature.


How to Create, Edit and Store Layouts

The use of layouts can make it much easier to achieve a variety of things with your Optris PI Thermal Imaging Camera. The free software supplied with your camera, PI Connect, can be used in a multitude of different ways and the layout and configuration of the software can be easily adapted to suit your application. Once you have a configuration that works for you, simply store it so it can be recalled at a future date. There are no limits to the number of layouts you can create. This video shows you how to create, edit and store your layouts with ease.


Using the Temperature Profiles Feature

There are often occasions where the colour gradient in the main thermal image does not provide the full story about what is happening in the process. The Temperature Profile feature allows you to show the temperature variation along a line of pixels in real time enabling you to quantify temperature variations across a part that are perhaps not obvious from the colour image. This video will help you get the best from the feature.