Kobold OVZ Oval Wheel Flowmeter

The OVZ Oval Wheel Flowmeters are used to measure, monitor and meter viscous liquids. They function independently of viscosity in the viscosity range 10-800mm2/s, and come with a preset maximum pressure loss of 1bar. This results in different measuring ranges for different viscosities. The oval gearwheels are manufactured from high quality plastic.

The OVZ Oval Wheel meter is a positive-displacement flowmeter. The measuring element comprises of two toothed precision oval gearwheels, which are driven by the liquid and thus roll together. A fixed quality of liquids is transported through the chambers for every turn of the oval-wheel pair. Permanent magnets or stainless steel pins are embedded in the oval gearwheels which converts the rotary motion into a measuring chamber. The pulse count is a measure of the flow rate and the signals are evaluated by downstream electronics (Optional).


The Kobold OVZ wheel flowmeter has a robust durable aluminium body and PMMA cover, which acts as a sight glass, allowing engineers to see at a glance that all is well with the precious oil flow. Its positive displacement technology means that it is viscosity compensated when subjected to temperature extremes. The electronics have been epoxy encapsulated for full protection from ingress or vibration. They combine a wide voltage supply range, DC-DC converter with interference filter, for a faithful output signal allowing optimal lubrication control.


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Measuring range: 0.3 – 8 … 16 – 40 l/min liquid
Connection: G ¼ … G ¾ female thread
Material: POM, PMMA, PSU, aluminium
pmax: 40 bar
tmax: 80°C
Accuracy: ±2.5 % of reading
Viscosity range: 10 – 800 mm²/s
Output: Pulses