Kobold OVZ Oval Wheel Flowmeter

The OVZ Oval Wheel Flowmeters are used to measure, monitor and meter viscous liquids. They function independently of viscosity in the viscosity range 10-800mm2/s, and come with a preset maximum pressure loss of 1bar. This results in different measuring ranges for different viscosities. The oval gearwheels are manufactured from high quality plastic.

The OVZ Oval Wheel meter is a positive-displacement flowmeter. The measuring element comprises of two toothed precision oval gearwheels, which are driven by the liquid and thus roll together. A fixed quality of liquids is transported through the chambers for every turn of the oval-wheel pair. Permanent magnets or stainless steel pins are embedded in the oval gearwheels which converts the rotary motion into a measuring chamber. The pulse count is a measure of the flow rate and the signals are evaluated by downstream electronics (Optional).

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Measuring range: 0.3 – 8 … 16 – 40 l/min liquid
Connection: G ¼ … G ¾ female thread
Material: POM, PMMA, PSU, aluminium
pmax: 40 bar
tmax: 80°C
Accuracy: ±2.5 % of reading
Viscosity range: 10 – 800 mm²/s
Output: Pulses