SEM210 Temperature Transmitter. PC Programmable for Universal Input.

The SEM210 is a universal programmable temperature transmitter which accepts most commonly used Pt100, thermocouple, mV and slide-wire sensors and generates an industry standard 4 to 20mA transmission signal. This type of product is useful if you use a number of different sensors; you only need to hold one product in stock.

The output range and other operating parameters are easily programmed using our free software and USB powered configurator. Isolation is a standard feature to overcome any potential ground loop effects and a sensor referencing facility enables the transmitter to be calibrated to a particular sensor.

If you already know the specification you require, we can  configure the product for you at no extra cost.


RTD, Thermocouple and mV Inputs
Isolated Input to Output
Versions for Hazardous Areas
High Accuracy and Stability
Sensor Referencing
Gost Certificate
Sine Vibration Certificate
ATEX Approved Version

Specifications @ 20°C

INPUT RTD (Pt100):
Sensor Range: -200 to 850°C
Minimum Span: 25 °C
Linearisation: BS-EN60751BS1904DIN43760JISC 1604
Basic Measurement Accuracy: ±0.01% FRI ±0.05% reading
Sensor Type: Sensor Range °C
K 200 to 1370
J -200 to 1200
E -200 to 1000
N -180 to 1300
T -210 to 400
R -10 to 1760
S -10 to 1760
L -100 to 600
Basic Measurement Accuracy: ±0.04% FRI ±0.04% reading or 0.5°C (whichever is greater)
Linearisation BS 4937/EC 584-3
Input: Voltage Source
Range: -10 to 75mV
Characterisation: Linear
Basic Measurement Accuracy: ±10 µV ±0.07 % rdg
Input: 3 wire potentiometer
Resistance Range: 10 to 390Ω
Characterisation: Linear
Basic Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 %
Output Type: 2 wire, 4 to 20mA current loop.
Supply Voltage: 10 to 35V
Output Connection : Screw terminal
Maximum output: 23mA
Minimum output: 3.8 mA
Accuracy: ± 5 µA

General Specifications

Input/Output Breakdown Isolation: 500V AC rms
Update Time: 250ms Max.
Response Time (Filter OFF): < 1s
Filter Factor: Programmable: Off, 2 s, 10 s or Adaptive
Warm up: 120 s to full accuracy
Stability: 0.1 % FRI or 0.1 °C/year
Ambient operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
Ambient storage temperature: -50 to +100°C
Ambient humidity range: 10 to 90% RH non condensing
Dimensions: 43mm diameter; 21mm height
Weight: 31 g (encapsulated)
EMC: BS EN 61326.
ATEX: II 1G EEx ia IIC T4-T6.
FM (IS Version): IS/I/1/ABCD/T4.

Mechanical Drawing

SEM210 Mechanical Drawing

Electrical Drawing

SEM210 Wiring Diagram

Hazardous Area Installation

SEM210 Hazardous Area Connection