As the UK distributor for Optris, Process Parameters can supply all your infrared temperature sensor requirements.optris logo

Our Compact Series range of Infrared Pyrometers are designed to fit almost any application due to their unique set of features including:-

  • Smallest sensing head available in both CSmicro and CT products.
  • Market leading ambient operating temperature range of up to 250°C without additional cooling.
  • Wide temperature measuring range from -40 to +2200°C.
  • Selection of optical resolutions with optional close focus lenses giving spot sizes down to 0.6mm diameter.
  • Various wavelength sensitivities to suit almost any application from thin film plastics to high temperature metals.
  • Variety of accessories to make installation simple and to protect your sensor in aggressive applications.
  • Easy process integration with wide choice of output signals and interface options such as Profibus, Ethernet and CANbus.
  • Excellent value for money with prices starting at just £95 for the CS.
  • Ex-stock delivery available for selected products.

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