Temperature Probe Accessories


Thermocouple and RTD cable

Thermocouple Cable

We have large stocks of thermocouple extension and compensating cables for all thermocouple types. Insulation types include PVC, Silicone Rubber, Glass Fibre and PTFE/PFA allowing us to cover most temperature ranges and environmental conditions. Various screening options are available including tape screens, braid screens and stainless steel overbraiding. Multipair cables are also available. Our relationships with leading cable manufacturers enable us to offer competitive pricing on bulk requirements.

RTD high temperature cable

High Temperature Signal Cables

We use large quantities of cable in our day to day temperature probe manufacturing and this cable is also available to customers as a component for use in their own assemblies. We stock a wide range of multicore high temperature cables with PVC, Silicone Rubber, PTFE and Glass Fibre insulations making them ideal for applications with elevated temperatures. We stock cables with 2, 3, 4 and 6 cores and others are available. We can even have a cable made to your requirements.

Compression fittings

Compression Fittings

To get the most from your temperature probe it is often necessary to use good quality accessories. We stock a range of brass and stainless steel compression fittings which allow simple reliable installation into your application. Many sizes available with BSP, BSPT, NPT and Metric threads and tube sizes from 0.5mm up to 1” diameter.

Thermocouple Plug and Socket

Thermocouple Connectors

When making connections in a thermocouple circuit it is extremely important that the conductor pair is maintained throughout. We offer a range of connectors that have contact made from thermocouple material ensuring that the polarity and continuity is maintained throughout. We offer plugs, sockets, panel mount socket and lots of accessories in both miniature (flat pins) and standard sizes (round pins).

Thermowells and Pockets

Thermowells and Pockets

A pocket or thermowell is often used to provide additional protection to the sensor or to enable easy withdrawal from a filled system without draining. We offer a range of made to order thermowells and pockets. Our capabilities extend to solid drilled and fabricated versions and process connections including flanges, threads and even hygienic connection types.

SEM206P Pt100 temperature transmitter PC programmable

Temperature Transmitters

If you require a temperature probe with either a 4-20mA output or a 0-10V output we can supply that for you. We keep a stock of good quality British made temperature transmitters available for supply either as a component or fitted to a temperature probe assembly supplied by us. We can even supply wireless temperature transmitters.