Thermowell Fabricated Sensor Pocket PPL50-TW

Our PPL50-TW thermowell is a simple, easy to use fabricated sensor pocket that ensures that installing and using your temperature probe is simple and convenient.

Pockets are generally used in liquid filled applications where it is impractical to drain the system simply to replace a  failed probe. The PPL50 is the simplest of all and comprises and closed end stem welded into a stainless steel compression fitting.

Our high quality TIG welding facility means that we can supply a pocket that means your needs. Choose from pocket diameter, pocket length and thread type. We will do the rest. We can also make the pockets to suit other sensors that you may use such as dial thermometers, rod thermostats and bimetallic gauges.

When fitted into your application you simply need to slide the probe in, pushing it in so it makes contact at the tip. Then tighten the gland nut and olive to secure it in place.

The PPL50-TW is ideal for use with our PPL1 and PPL3 sensor designs.

PPL50 fabricated pocket

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  • Simple, Cost Effective Fabricated Pocket
  • Easy to Install
  • No Need to Drain Down a system when Sensor is replaced
  • Manufactured to Your Requirements
  • For Use with our PPL1 and PPL3 Sensors
Sheath Material: 316 stainless steel
Operating Range: -75 to +800°C
Thread Types: A – 1/4”BSP
B – 1/2”BSP
C – 3/4”BSP
D – 1”BSP
E – 1/4”BSPT
F – 1/2”BSPT
G – 3/4”BSPT
H – 1”BSPT
I – 1/2”NPT
J – 3/4”NPT
Other threads available upon request.