License Free Software for Thermal imaging Cameras

All of our infrared cameras offer fully radiometric video recording and snapshot functions through our free comprehensive software package PIX Connect (previously PI Connect). The software will run on any Windows PC including XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and is provided completely free of charge with your camera. Future updates are also provided for free. PIX Connect is leading the way in terms of thermal image analysis software and is fully configurable for your application to provide you with the data you need when you need it.

Thermal Imaging Software Measuring Areas

Thermal Image Processing Software – The size and shape of the measurement area can be freely designed and moved in this thermal camera software. For an easy introduction, a large selection of pre-defined measurement area shapes is available.

You can set up as many measurement areas as you like in the cameras field of view. To do this, it is possible to make a distinction between the main and ancillary fields.

Using the thermal imaging software, various modes can be set in a measurement area, such as minimum value, maximum value, or average value, or you can rule out the detection of hot or cold spots.

The separate setting of the emissivity for measurement areas allows various material surfaces to be monitored with a single camera.

Differences and averaging between different measurement areas are easy to calculate with the PIX Connect software. Saved measurement areas can be displayed as an image, a digital display or a diagram and can then be saved for further analysis.

The thermal cameras temperature values can be shown along a straight line as temperature profiles as well as 3D diagrams.

Using the thermal imaging camera software a temperature/time diagram can be used to analyze the temperature development over time. Individual time sections can be lifted out of the diagram and be analyzed in detail by zooming in and out.

Diagrams defined in this way can be exported from the software and be saved in Excel for further analysis.

With the Optris thermal imaging cameras you receive the full license thermal imaging software free download

The software can be used to save the recording from the thermal imaging camera as video sequences which can then be saved for analysis later on. The video sequence is recorded for every pixel including all temperature information. An integrated screen capture function makes it simple to retrospectively generate videos in WMV format.

Thermal Camera BI-SPECTRAL video analysis where both an IR as well as a VIS image are recorded makes it easy to highlight critical temperature ranges.

Videos recorded can be processed retrospectively using thermal camera software. For example, individual sections can be cut out of a recording and can be saved as an independent sequence.

Saved video recordings are available for analysis. The sequences can be played back in slow motion or time-lapse for this purpose in the thermal software. It is also possible to play back as a continuous loop.

IR Temperature dependent alarms for freely definable measurement areas as well as the internal temperature of the camera can be chosen via the software. Apart from minimum and maximum values, it is also possible to set so-called advance alarms. These will emit a warning when the
measured temperature approaches the defined minimum or maximum value, therefore giving you more options and time to react.

If the measured temperature reaches one of these previously defined values, then the software will trigger an alarm. In addition to that, the critical event can be easily documented as a snapshot or video recording and be used for analysis later on.

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