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Enhance Efficiency & Safety With Your Kitchen Operations

NSnappy, a self-monitoring service, digitalises food safety and everyday operations from start to finish.

Whether a kitchen professional or a kitchen manager in a small cafe or chain restaurant, NSnappy is your convenient everyday companion.

What is NSnappy?

NSnappy streamlines your self-monitoring plan, automating temperature measurements, self-monitoring tasks, and reporting, allowing you to work more effectively and safely.

The user-friendly system is made for overseeing self-monitoring in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

This browser-based service is compatible with all devices and operating systems, eliminating the need for app downloads and ensuring seamless functionality regardless of technology updates.

Looking to digitally improve your kitchen and restaurant’s self-monitoring? With NSnappy, you can enhance efficiency and safety in your kitchen operations.

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NSnappy Self-Monitoring Devices

How NSnappy Works

NSnappy serves as your digital companion for implementing your self-monitoring plan, and addressing critical control points (HACCP) in your professional kitchen.

The system digitalises your self-monitoring tasks, including temperature, hygiene, cleaning, limit values, and alarm criteria, making it quick and easy to update information, which is then readily accessible to all.

NSnappy also provides clear task instructions to employees, ensuring tasks are performed consistently and accurately.

Additionally, the system facilitates systematic performance tracking and real-time access to task and alarm information, enabling verification of critical control point management across daily routines at both site and chain levels.

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Chef and restaurant using NSnappy for better food safety

The NSnappy System and Devices

Build a System with Nokeval Devices and NSnappy Cloud Service

Choose the measuring devices you need from our off-the-shelf selection and connect them to our cloud platform.

The system includes:

NSnappy Cloud Service

This user-friendly, visually intuitive digital platform facilitates the execution of self-monitoring tasks and delivers detailed self-monitoring reports promptly.

The service operates directly in the browser, eliminating the necessity for app downloads.

NSnappy Hardware

NSnappy’s wireless IoT devices are designed for effortless use in the demanding environment of a busy kitchen.

Engineered to endure the challenges and extreme temperatures of a professional kitchen, these instruments seamlessly integrate with the NSnappy cloud service.

Features of NSnappy

  • Temperature checks
  • Food reception inspections
  • Spot temperature assessments
  • Sample measurements
  • Dishwashing temperature monitoring
  • Automated temperature oversight
  • Temperature supervision in dry, cold, and freezer storage areas
  • Cooling management
  • Scheduled hygiene and cleaning tasks
  • Surface hygiene measurements
  • Documentation of cleaning activities
  • Food waste management
Nokeval Self Monitoring System Overview

Benefits For Your Professional Kitchen

Manage all self-monitoring tasks with data

How to Get Started

Process Parameters is proud to be a leading supplier of the new NSnappy products and service range.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on how NSnappy can enhance the efficiency and safety of your kitchen operations, please get in touch with our team.

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Find Out How NSnappy Can Become Part of Your Operation

Frequently ASked Questions

Who is NSnappy for?

NSnappy is designed for kitchen professionals, professional kitchen managers, and commercial kitchen operators. The user-friendly system adapts to the self-monitoring requirements of small cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

What’s included with NSnappy?

The complete NSnappy package comprises a digital self-monitoring service and robust wireless measuring instruments available for purchase for your business. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you as needed. Additionally, we offer installation and training for implementing the service.

What are the benefits of NSnappy for kitchen professionals and kitchen management?

NSnappy benefits kitchen professionals by streamlining self-monitoring for enhanced food and customer safety, freeing up time for essential tasks. For kitchen management, the real-time monitoring and detailed reporting facilitate operational improvement and seamless information sharing across the team.

Can I tailor the service to my own self-monitoring plan?

Certainly, it’s highly recommended. Our specialists are consistently ready to engage with you to maximise the service’s benefits and guarantee alignment with your objectives. Contact us today.