We offer a range of infrared temperature sensors for glass applications and glass manufacturing processes. If you’re not sure which infrared thermometer you need for your process, please get in touch and we’ll help identify your requirements.

A pyrometer for measurement of glass is a specialised infrared thermometer designed to accurately measure the temperature of glass surfaces. It utilises infrared radiation emitted by the glass to determine its temperature without making direct contact with the surface.

This is crucial since glass is transparent and cannot be measured using traditional contact-based methods. Pyrometers for glass applications are essential in industries like glass manufacturing, automotive, and research where precise temperature control is vital.

How do you measure glass temperature?

Measuring glass temperature can be challenging due to its transparent nature. One common method is using a non-contact infrared thermometer or pyrometer, which can measure the surface temperature of the glass by detecting the infrared radiation emitted from it. Another approach is to use thermocouples or RTD sensors placed in contact with the glass surface to measure its temperature.