Process Parameters offer simple to use, versatile and cost-effective USB Data loggers for measuring and storing temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, voltage and current for a wide range of data logging applications. Track the storage temperature of vaccines so they’re at their most effective when given to patients. Ensure an optimum temperature and humidity environment for priceless exhibits. You can also check the efficiency of heating and cooling systems within a warehouse, office space and monitor indoor air quality at home or in the office.

We have the solution to get you started and support both USB in remote technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC or cellular. When you have your logger, simply connect, choose your logging settings using our free and easy to use software or app. Install the data logger in your application and begin logging. The alarm function lets the data logger tell you when your environment gets too hot or too cold. When your test is complete, and you have recorded the data that’s been gathered you can view the data on your PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop before saving locally or to the cloud.