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What is a Temperature Probe?

A temperature probe is a device used to measure and monitor temperature in various applications. They help us measure how hot or cold the air, liquids, or surfaces are. They come in different types like thermocouples, thermistors, and PT100, which work with thermometers and temperature measuring devices.

Inside the temperature probe is a sensor that creates a small electric signal. This signal changes depending on the temperature. The measuring device reads this signal and gives us a temperature reading.

These probes have cables of different lengths, and most of the time, they come with a plug that makes them easy to set up quickly. They’re made from heavy duty stainless steel, so they can handle tough conditions in factories or businesses. Temperature sensors are highly accurate and dependable, even in harsh environments.

What is a Temperature Probe For?

Temperature probes are strong tools that can be used in various industries and settings to measure temperature accurately. They are really good for jobs in factories, businesses, and science where knowing the temperature is super important.

These probes help make sure machines work well and tests are done correctly. They’re commonly used in places like air conditioning, chemical factories, making plastic, cooking appliances, food factories, and labs.

Temperature probes are also essential for temperature data logging instrumentation, which is used to complement thermometers and ensure precise temperature measurements in air, liquid, or surface temperatures.

Why is a Temperature Probe Better than a Thermometer?

A temperature probe is often considered better than a traditional thermometer because it offers several advantages:

  1. Accurate Temperature Readings: Temperature probes can provide more precise and reliable temperature measurements compared to basic thermometers.
  2. Versatility: Temperature probes come in various designs and types, allowing them to be used in different environments and applications.
  3. Remote Monitoring: Some temperature probes enable remote monitoring, making them suitable for inaccessible or hazardous locations.
  4. Data Logging: Many temperature probes can log and record temperature data over time, allowing for detailed analysis and tracking.
  5. Quick Response: Temperature probes typically have faster response times, delivering real-time readings more efficiently.
  6. Higher Temperature Measurement Range: Some probes can measure extreme temperatures that regular thermometers may not handle.
  7. Probe Placement: Probes can be inserted directly into substances or environments, providing more direct and accurate measurements.

Temperature probes offer enhanced functionality, accuracy, and versatility, making them a preferred choice for various professional and industrial applications.

What is the Difference Between a Digital Probe and a Thermometer?

A digital probe is a type of thermometer. It’s a contact sensor connected to a display. A thermometer can be digital or analogue, measuring temperature with a sensor and showing it on a display.

Process Parameters – Temperature Probe Manufacturers

We are temperature sensor and RTD temperature probe manufacturers in the UK. Since 2004, we have been designing and manufacturing custom-built temperature probes and industrial temperature sensors for a huge range of industries across the world.

Industry Standards

Whilst many of the sensors we manufacture conform to relatively simple industry standards, such as our PPL1-P Pt100 temperature probe with flying lead, our flexibility enables us to offer an unmatched service so you only pay for what you need. If you need an odd cable length, let us know, we can accommodate it.

Knowledge & Experience

We have the experience and knowledge to deal with applications that are perhaps beyond the norm. For example, if you require a type of probe for insertion into highly corrosive media, we have thermocouple probes in stock to handle this.

Our full range is extensive and impossible to represent in full in a brochure or even on this website but it includes all Platinum Resistance ThermometersThermocouplesRTD Pt100 sensors, and Thermistor sensors.

For more information about Pt100 temperature sensor probes, read our comprehensive guides:

Temperature Sensor Calibration

Temperature sensor calibration is a critical process to ensure accurate and reliable temperature measurements. It involves comparing the sensor’s output to a known standard at various temperatures and making adjustments as necessary.

Proper calibration accounts for factors like drift, hysteresis, and linearity, ensuring the sensor provides precise temperature readings in industrial applications.

At Process Parameters, we offer a temperature sensor calibration service.

Best Robust & Reliable Industrial Temperature Sensors

Our major strength is working with our customers to achieve a robust and reliable temperature sensor probe. Buying an off the shelf temperature sensor may be quicker and more convenient but can you be sure it will meet your long term requirements? No doubt it will be more expensive than ours too.

If you’re not sure which industrial temperature probe sensor you need for your application, please get in touch and we can help identify your requirements with our wealth of experience.

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

RTD Pt100 Temperature Sensor PPL3-P, IP68 KNE Terminal Head, 4-20mA Transmitter

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

PRT Air Temperature Sensor – PPL9-P

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

RTD Sensor Probe with Fixed Process Connection – PPL2-P

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

RTD PPL10-P Rugged Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

PRT Process Connection Thread & Terminal Head Probe – PPL4-P

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

High Accuracy RTD Pt100 Temperature Sensor – 4 wire 1/10 DIN – PPL1-P

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD Sensor, PRT, Pt100 Sensors, Pt1000)

RTD Pt100 Probe Temperature Sensor with PTFE Flying Lead – PPL1-P

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