PRT Process Connection Thread and Terminal Head – PPL4-P


Our PPL4-P temperature sensor has a fixed male process connection ideal for direct installation into your process. Avoiding the use of compression fittings means that you can be sure the probe is installed correctly and quickly every time. The sensor is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range. All sensors are made to order so it is generally possible to meet all of your requirements.

All wetted parts of the probe are made from 316 stainless steel and are TIG welded to give a pressure tight housing for the sensor. Many metric and imperial probe diameters are available from 3mm upwards.Various thread types are available and they are generally BSP, BSPT or NPT types but we can supply others to your requirements such as Metric, UNF etc.

The product offered here is supplied as a 3 wire Pt100 temperature sensor with Class B tolerance. The probe is 6mm diameter and the length selectable below a 1/2″BSP male process connection thread. An IP68 KNE aluminium alloy terminal and ceramic terminal or in head 4-20mA output transmitter are then fitted. Operating temperature range is -75 to +250°C but we recommend our PPL5-P for higher ambient temperatures to protect the in head electronics.

Need a special variant of this probe? Special length? Different diameter? Higher accuracy? We manufacture to order so contact us now for a quotation or assistance.

PRT Process Connection Thread and Terminal Head – PPL4-P
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