After time, temperature is the most measured parameter. It is also one of the hardest to measure accurately and when it comes to Temperature Probes it makes sense to use a reliable, high quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

Process Parameters Ltd has been manufacturing temperature sensors for industrial application in the UK for 15 years and our industrial engineering experience extends to much longer than that. We have built up an enviable reputation for manufacturing bespoke sensors that meet or exceed our customer expectations for a wide range of applications and processes. All temperature probes we supply are matched to the demands of the application and we pay clear attention to areas that require specific attention to detail to ensure reliability whilst also keeping a close eye on cost. We believe our quality is second to none.

our range of Temperature Probes

Our products

Industry Standards

Whilst many of the sensors we manufacture conform to relatively simple industry standards, such as our PPL1-P Pt100 temperature probe with flying lead, our flexibility enables us to offer an unmatched service so you only pay for what you need. If you need an odd cable length, let us know, we can accommodate it.

Experience & knowledge

More importantly we have the experience and knowledge to deal with applications that are perhaps beyond the norm. For example if you require probes for insertion into highly corrosive media, we have parts in stock to handle this. Our full range is extensive and impossible to represent in full in a brochure or even on this website but it includes all Platinum Resistance ThermometersThermocouples and Thermistor sensors.

Robust & reliable sensors

Our major strength is working with our customers to achieve a robust and reliable sensor. Buying an off the shelf temperature sensor may be quicker and more convenient but can you be sure it will meet your long term requirements? No doubt it will be more expensive than ours too. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation quotation.