Process Parameters is one of the UK’s most respected names in Temperature Probe manufacture. We have been manufacturing bespoke temperature sensors for a huge range of applications for many years. Our engineers have more than 20 years experience of industrial applications and are well placed to assist you with sensor selection and design. Our range includes Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD’s), Thermocouples and Thermistor sensors.

All sensors supplied by Process Parameters are made to order which means that you do not need to compromise. We can match your requirements for temperature range, mechanical dimensions, chemical resistance, environmental considerations, pressure and flow demands, output types and connection methods. Although we make to order you do not have to wait; our lead times are generally short and the majority of orders are supplied within 7 days.

Our flexible approach and large stock holding of components means that we can supply you with any quantity of sensors, from one off upwards, to meet your needs quickly and economically. We have no minimum order quantity or charges so you can be satisfied of getting the best deal. Of course we also deal with larger requirements and are proud suppliers to OEM’s of many hundreds of sensors every month.

Below are details of sensor assemblies that conform to well known industry standards but our capabilities extend far beyond these standards and we are always willing to work with our customers to develop special products for their application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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