Thermowell Fabricated Sensor Pocket PPL50-TW

Our PPL50-TW thermowell is a simple, easy to use fabricated temperature sensor pocket that ensures that installing and using your temperature probe is quick and convenient. Sensor pockets are generally used in liquid-filled applications where it is impractical to drain the system simply to replace a failed probe. The PPL50 comprises and closed-end stem welded into a stainless steel compression fitting.

Technical Details

  • Simple, Cost Effective Fabricated Thermowell Pocket
  • Easy to Install
  • No Need to Drain Down a system when Sensor is replaced
  • Manufactured in the UK to Your Requirements
  • For Use with our PPL1 and PPL3 Pt100 Sensors
  • Pocket Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Operating Range: -75 to +800°C
Download the PDF data sheet for the Thermowell Fabricated Sensor Pocket PPL50-TWData Sheet