Process Parameters offer simple to use versatile and cost-effective USB Dataloggers for measuring and storing temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, voltage and current for a wide range of data logging applications. Track the storage temperature of vaccines so they’re at their most effective when given to patients. Ensure an optimum temperature and humidity environment for priceless exhibits. You can also check the efficiency of heating and cooling systems within a warehouse, office space and monitor indoor air quality at home or in the office.

We have the solution to get you started and support both USB in remote technologies such as Bluetooth Wi-Fi NFC or cellular. When you have your logger, simply connect, choose, your logging settings using our free and easy to use software or app. Install the data logger in your application and begin logging. The alarm function lets the data logger tell you when your environment gets too hot or too cold. When your test is complete, and you have recorded the data that’s been gathered you can view the data on your PC smartphone tablet or laptop before saving locally or to the cloud.

USB Dataloggers from Process Parameters

USB Dataloggers

from Process Parameters

What is a USB Data Logger?

What are USB data loggers? USB Data Loggers are simple, low-cost devices that enable you to record and store measurement data over a period of time. A variety of measurements are possible depending on the unit selected. Temperature monitoring either by using an internal sensor or by connecting an external probe is the most common type. Other measurements such as Humidity, Voltage, Current and Carbon Monoxide are also available.

They are configured prior to use by connecting to a USB port on your PC where you can set a start and stop time for logging and also the recording interval of the measurements. This might vary from one minute to one hour depending on your needs.

Once logging is complete you can simply plug the device back into your USB port and download the data to your PC using the provided software. This will show the recorded data in graphical format and provide an historical record.

Applications are wide and varied and include pharmacy fridges, food chillers, museums and heritage applications and indoor air quality monitoring.

What is a USB Thermocouple Data Logger?

USB Thermocouple Data Loggers are simple and convenient battery powered devices that allow the user to record temperature measurements from an industry standard thermocouple temperature probe.

Configuration of the data logger and downloading of data is performed quickly and easily by plugging the device directly into a USB port on your PC and using the provided software. Once data is downloaded it can be viewed in a graphical format.

The configuration of the device includes start and stop times, recording interval and high and low alarm settings. Recording interval can be as fast as one measurement per second, or as slow as every 12 hours to suit your needs,

The thermocouple type used is configurable and allows the use of either a Type K, J or T thermocouple and the data logger is then capable of recording temperatures for the full range of the thermocouple used. For type K this is from -200 to +1370°C depending on the construction of the probe used.

What is a Temperature Data Logger?

In many applications it is important to be able to record measurement parameters such as temperature on a regular basis. For example, in food or pharmaceutical storage and transportation it is important to be able to provide a record of the temperature the products have been exposed to. This task is easily performed by a Temperature Data Logger.

There are many forms of Temperature Data Logger available offering different features depending on your requirements. The most simple are single use USB devices which are used in product transportation applications. These very low cost devices are activated prior to placing in the package and downloaded once the goods arrive at their destination.

Other USB based devices are available which are designed for reuse and can be configured to the users requirements. These devices also give greater flexibility in being able to use external probes if required to record wider ranges of temperatures or in applications where the measurement probe needs to be immersed in a fluid for example.

When there is a need to record data at multiple measurement points it can often be more convenient to use a multi-channel data logger. The data loggers have multiple inputs and are often highly flexible in the types of sensor that can be connected. Sensor types will include all thermocouple types and also RTDs such as Pt100 and Pt1000. Some may also utilise thermistor sensors. The most basic devices start at four channels rising to 16 or even 32 for more complex devices. Most modern devices remain battery powered with the possibility of external power and also generally have larger memory capacity in order to record more measurements. Downloading of data is simple with a USB cable and software and as with USB devices the data collected is displayed graphically or in a spreadsheet.

In recent years advances in IoT and Cloud based services has opened up a new range of products based around Wi-Fi and 3G/4G technology. In future we are expecting 5G devices to be developed. The main advantage of moving to a system based around wireless technology is the ability to transmit data automatically to a cloud-based database which can be viewed by any number of users with a simple web browser. The data logging element becomes extremely cost effective and efficient as there is no human intervention required to manually download data on a regular basis. An additional benefit of such systems is the ability to send immediate alarms to users in the event of temperature values being outside of acceptable limits. For more information about wireless systems see this page…

What is a Humidity USB Data Logger?

A USB Humidity Data Logger is a simple and convenient method of recording relative humidity over a period time. These devices are very small and battery powered and allow the user to place them wherever the measurements need to be taken. This could be in large spaces such as cheese maturing, cigar humidors, museums and art galleries. Alternatively they could be placed in smaller space such as exhibition display cases. As they are so small and discrete they will hardly be noticed.

USB Data Loggers for Humidity are easily configured and the data downloaded by plugging directly into the USB port of your PC and the provided software used.

What is a Humidity and Temperature Data Logger?

There is often a requirement in certain applications to monitor both Humidity and Temperature. This is because humidity is a function of temperature. As the air temperature increases its ability to hold more water molecules and therefore the relative humidity drops. As the temperature drops the inverse is true.

Fortunately it is easy to monitor and record both measurements using one data logger which has sensors for both variables. All of our humidity data loggers also record temperature within one unit. Once the data is downloaded the two traces can be displayed graphically for direct comparison.

What is a Wi-Fi Data Logger?

Wi-Fi Data Loggers can be used where you wish to record measurement parameters such as temperature or humidity continuously or over an extended period of time.

They offer improved convenience over using a USB data logger as they are connecting via Wi-Fi to a cloud based server and therefore can upload data without any intervention from the user. The benefits of this are very clear. Improved efficiency due to saving time of manual downloading but also offering a continuously monitored system where immediate alerts of alarm conditions can be sent by email or SMS text message.

No additional equipment is required to use a Wi-Fi data logger as they use your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Simply connect to your existing system and you can up and running very quickly.

What is a Carbon Monoxide USB Data logger?

When monitoring air quality, we immediately think of temperature and humidity but we often forget to consider Carbon Monoxide. Even low levels of Carbon Monoxide can cause health issues and potentially long-term harm.

USB data loggers can be used to monitor and record levels of Carbon Monoxide over a period of time. This may relate to pollution from road traffic or applications in agriculture.

The USB data logger range are very easy to use with their integrated USB plug. Simply plug them into the USB port on your PC for both configuration and to download the recorded data.

What is a Voltage USB Data Logger?

In industrial environments there are a wide variety of sensors that utilise a Voltage output as their signal. Often there is no need to data log on a continuous basis but perhaps over a short period of time or during a commissioning phase it may be desirable to record data from these sensors.

It does not matter whether the sensor is measuring level, flow, pressure or humidity, if the output in in the range 0 to 30V then you can simply connect a USB data logger to the measurement circuit.

Configuration of the data logger and downloading of data is easily achieved by using the integrated USB plug that fits the port on your PC. The software provided offers a user friendly way to access and display your data.

Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Monoxide & Voltage USB Data Loggers

Voltage USB Data Logger EL-USB-3

What is a Current USB Data Logger?

Many industrial sensors provide a 4-20mA output which is a convenient method of transmitting a signal to a PLC, controller or display. The signal is widely used across a wide range of measurements such as temperature, pressure, humidity and flow.

Generally if data logging is required this would be handled by equipment with large memories and perhaps PC connected to enable easy access. These systems lend themselves to continuous or regular logging but if short term data logging is required you would need a simple low cost solution.

A USB Data Logger can provide an easy-to-use device which simply connects to the 4-20mA current loop and records the measurement values at an interval set by the user. Configuration and downloading are completely quickly by plugging the integrated USB plug into your PC.

Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Monoxide & Voltage USB Data Loggers

Current Data Logger with USB EL-USB-4

What is a Multi Channel Data Logger?

In many applications it is necessary to record multiple measurements over a period of time. This may mean taking multiple temperature measurements at various parts of a machine or within a space or you may wish to measure different types of measurement such as temperature, humidity, pressure and level.

A Multi Channel Data Logger will have multiple sensor inputs to enable you to record these various measurements over time. Depending on the unit selected you can expect a minimum of four channels but this can easily rise to 16 or 32 channels. For more you can utilise additional units and merge data within software.

In general Multi Channel Data Loggers tens to offer much larger memory sizes in order to cope with a higher number of measurements. You may also achieve faster recording for use in high speed applications.