NSnappy Wash LWEU-N Dishwasher Transmitter Sensor

The NSnappy Wash is a wireless transmitter sensor specifically designed for measuring the temperature profiles of dishwashers. It is capable of measuring the water temperature on the surface of the dishes rather than the temperature of the water in the dishwasher reservoirs.

Technical Details

  • Automates the temperature monitoring of dishwashing
  • Sensor: Pt1000 Class B
  • Measuring interval: 1s, only max value from 5s period is transmitted
  • Measuring range: -30…+90 °C
  • Accuracy: ±1°C within +30…+90°C
  • Dimensions: 107mm x 68mm x 27mm

Prices from £235.00

Download the PDF data sheet for the NSnappy Wash LWEU-N Dishwasher Transmitter SensorData Sheet