Full Quality Control with OVA Data Acquisition

Quality Control Has Never Been So Easy

OVA takes care of all those critical daily measuring tasks by providing efficient and automated wireless monitoring, data collection and management of every measuring parameter including surface hygiene, temperature, humidity, luminosity, gas as well as electric quantities, whatever the site area.  The OVA System lightens the load for all your regulatory compliance and in-house control by meeting the highest standards, including EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486 as well as 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Whether you work in Industry, in Real Estate or Construction, or in Kitchens, Hotels, Restaurants or Cafés, or in the Pharmaceutical and Lab markets, or within the Environmental and Research fields, OVA can collect a large amount of valuable information that can be used to easily monitor and develop your business. It fits every need with first class precision, error free and time saving capability and can be custom designed to meet your needs.

The easy to use OVA range processes key parameters by measuring and transmitting the required data using a cloud based approach. The measured data can be downloaded and processed in a Tablet, PC as well as via a Mobile Phone. The ultimate target of the OVA system is cost effective and accurate Process Control. OVA provides a powerful and flexible tool for modern, digital self-supervision including alarm notification via SMS and/or email. As well as the software, the full OVA service provides everything from needs assessment and measuring equipment to installation, training and rolling calibration.  Old devices are simply swapped out with calibrated ones at regular intervals.

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Time Savings –By automating measurement and monitoring, OVA minimises the manual workload and saves a tremendous amount of time.
High Quality – OVA provides a uniform final result of the highest quality by continuously recording the  actual conditions and making the necessary adjustments.
Fast Reaction –Thanks to OVA, you can quickly react to changes and malfunctions. Additional damage can be avoided by a system of warnings.
Energy Savings – By taking measurements and accurately identifying the circumstances, OVA can optimise energy consumption, which saves on natural resources and saves you money.
Flexibility – OVA is suitable for measuring and monitoring a wide range of applications and can easily be extended or adapted if needs be.
A Comprehensive Solution – OVA is a complete solution that includes equipment, software and service including calibration, all provided by the knowledgeable teams at Process Parameters and Nokeval.

  1. Industrial
  2. Pharmaceutical & Laboratories
  3. Environment & Research
  4. Real Estate & Construction
  5. Kitchens