Heritage Data Loggers

Whilst swings in temperature and humidity in normal environments may not be significant, in a museum they can be catastrophic. Exposure to extremes of heat, cold, dryness or humidity can cause textiles, canvas, wood and other materials to quickly deteriorate. Factor in a display case and there may be multiple environments in just one room. To support the preservation of exhibits and archives, museums have long measured temperature and humidity with data loggers and chart recorders. But although accurate, some of these solutions are bulky and expensive.

Our family of temperature and humidity data loggers. An inexpensive series of standalone USB, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled sensors allowing discrete temperature and humidity monitoring in museums – locally, remotely and instantly.

Process Parameters offer an extensive range of Temperature Data Loggers to suit a broad spectrum of applications and industries. Not only can we provide you with data logging equipment but we also have over 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing temperature sensors which include, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Platinum Resistance Thermometers and Thermowells. Process Parameters can support your sensor requirements whatever the design.

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Temperature & Humidity Data Logger USB-2+

High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger with USB PPL-USB-2+

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger USB-2-LCD

Temp & RH Data Logger with USB and Display PPL-USB-2-LCD

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger USB-2-LCD+

High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger PPL-USB-LCD-2+

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger WIFI-TH

WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger PPL-WIFI-TH

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger WIFI-TH+

High Accuracy WiFi Temp & RH Data Logger PPL-WIFI-TH+

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger GFX-2+

High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger with Graphic Screen and Audible Alarm PPL-GFX-2+