HVAC Data Loggers

To determine the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, data loggers can be used to monitor various parts of that system, from air conditioning units to heating and ventilation machinery. Monitoring data such as temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide not only ensures systems are working as planned but helps to identify possible issues perhaps caused by inefficient machinery or incorrect programming.

Our broad range of data loggers can help meet the combined challenges of health, comfort, climate and energy efficiency as part of a modern approach to facilities management. Cost effective and discrete, our data loggers can monitor a range of stimuli from temperature and humidity to carbon monoxide and voltage allowing you to keep in touch with your systems locally, remotely and instantly.

Process Parameters offer an extensive range of Temperature Data Loggers to suit a broad spectrum of applications and industries. Not only can we provide you with data logging equipment but we also have over 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing temperature sensors which include, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Platinum Resistance Thermometers and Thermowells. Process Parameters can support your sensor requirements whatever the design.

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Temperature Data Logger PPL-USB-1

Temperature Data Logger with USB PPL-USB-1

Data Logger PPL-USB-1-LCD

Temperature Data Logger with USB and Display PPL-USB-1-LCD

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger USB-2

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger with USB PPL-USB-2

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger USB-2-LCD

Temp & RH Data Logger with USB and Display PPL-USB-2-LCD

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger WIFI-TH

WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger PPL-WIFI-TH

Temperature Data Logger GFX-1

Temperature Data Logger with Graphic Screen and Audible Alarm PPL-GFX-1

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger GFX-2

Temp & RH Data Logger with Graphic Screen and Audible Alarm PPL-GFX-2