We’ve taken on more space, technicians and equipment to provide a wider range of probe manufacture.  Also learn about the new version of Optris PIConnect thermal imaging software which has some great new features.



Improved Temperature Probe Capability

Over recent months Process Parameters has increased its workshop and welding areas, expanded its team of electronic and mechanical assembly specialists, and acquired some significant metalwork equipment. All this means we are able to provide a wider range of in-house made to measure probe manufacture and meet the requirements of the most demanding of industrial applications. If you are looking to replace thermocouplesRTDs and pockets, or have a new application, then give us a call on 01628 778688 and we’ll be pleased to help. We offer quick turnaround at competitive prices, and don’t even have a minimum order quantity.

New Optris PI Connect Software

Optris PI Connect Software is provided as standard with each Optris thermal imaging cameraPI Connect release 2.12.2202.0 is now available. This new release comes with a new installer and the following new features:
–  Language for installation can now be selected.
– Single components of the software like SDK, Translator tool, Sample files etc. can be installed/ deinstalled separately.
–  Future updates of PI Connect can be installed without removing the previous version (As 2.12.2202.0 is the first one using the new installer you have to deinstall the previous version).
–  All PI models (including the new PI 1M) are supported by this release.
Please download the new version here. Contact sales@processparameters.co.uk for the login details.