Glass Applications – Miniature radiometric PI thermal imaging cameras with interchangeable lenses suitable for all applications in the Glass Industry including plate, sheet and container glass. Extensive ready to use package for a very attractive price which includes the versatile image processing software and connection cables.

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Measuring the temperature of Glass in manufacturing and processing application is notoriously difficult and potentially extremely expensive. Whether this is sheet glass or container glass such as jars or bottles we have the Thermal Imaging Technology to overcome these issues.

There are so many applications within the glass industry, all heavily reliant on precise temperature measurement to achieve high levels of quality in the finished product. There are plenty of products available purporting to enable the measurement of glass at various phases but none so simple as the Optris range of thermal imaging cameras and in particular the G7 products.

The G7 refers to a specialised wavelength selected specifically to measure the surface temperature of glass. The wavelength of 7.9 μm is selected such that the emissivity of the glass is ≥0.95 whereas for traditional long wavelength cameras the emissivity is lower. The other advantage for this wavelength is the reduced dependency on measuring angle, allowing the cameras to be mounted at an inclined viewing angle.

Glass bottle jar thermal image
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In plate glass applications such as production and toughening it is imperative that the full width of the glass is monitored and often this is only possible through small gaps in machinery. Traditionally this task has been carried out by a Line Scanner, a highly expensive piece of equipment with a number of draw backs.

The Optris range of Infrared Thermal Imagers have been designed to consider a variety of application from the start. Line scanning is a software function that is built into to our extensive thermal analysis package. It is easy to configure and use enabling the user to generate images of glass production as they require.

Worried about the high temperatures in your process. This is not an issue. We can supply our cameras with environmental protection which protects the cameras up to 315C ambient and has built in air purging to keep lenses clean. There should never be an occasion where your investment is damaged by an over temperature again.

High speed applications are handled by our cameras high frame rates of up to 80Hz. Measuring the temperature of falling glass gobs is now possible to ensure that glass container products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Thermal Imaging Camera used as Line Scanner in Glass Toughening