NEW Thermal Image Fever Inspection of Travellers

The Optris Fever Inspection System,  can be used at airports and border crossings around the world to identify travellers whose skin temperature is indicative of a potential fever. Invaluable in the fight against Ebola and other contagious diseases, the Optris thermal imaging camera and extensive software package provides a visual alarm of those at risk. Discreet and easy to install,…


Summer is here! Order now!

Process Parameters hope you have a great summer. Before you head off for your holiday, don’t forget to order any temperature sensors you need. Thinking ahead, why not put some dates in your diary to come and see us in the autumn. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!


Calibration of Contact & Non-Contact Sensors

Did you know that Process Parameters offers a calibration service for temperature probes, instruments, infrared sensors & thermal imaging cameras? Our service extends not only to our own temperature devices but also those of other manufacturers. Find out more in our newsletter

What is a Thermocouple?

What is a Thermocouple? A thermocouple is a device for measuring temperature. It comprises two dissimilar metallic wires joined together to form a junction. When the junction is heated or cooled, a small voltage is generated in the electrical circuit which can be measured and this corresponds to temperature. In theory any two metals can…


Optris PI640 VGA Infrared Camera

Optris PI640 VGA infrared camera     Infrared camera optris PI 640 The thermal imager optris® PI 640 is the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera worldwide. With an optical resolution of 640×480 pixels, the PI 640 delivers pin-sharp radiometric pictures and videos in real time. With a body sized 45x56x90 mm and weighing only 320 grams (lens included), the optris® PI 640 counts among…


Thermal Imagers and Temperature Probes Success

Thermal Imagers and Temperature Probes Latest successes in infrared cameras and industrial temperature probes for Process Parameters include the sales of an Optris PI LightWeight thermal imager, to be used with a UAV for geographical monitoring purposes and an Optris PI400 high resolution thermal imaging camera for an estate management application. Adding to the wide…

PPL4 terminal head probe with fixed process connection thread

PPL4-T Thermocouple with Fixed Process Thread

[tabs slidertype=”simple”] [tab] [/tab] [/tabs] PPL4-T Thermocouple with Process Connection Thread and Terminal Head Our PPL4-T temperature sensor has a fixed male process connection ideal for direct installation into your process. Avoiding the use of compression fittings means that you can be sure the probe is installed correctly and quickly every time. The sensor is…


This month marks our tenth anniversary!

Celebrating our tenth anniversary, the team at Process Parameters would like to pass on their hearty thanks to all our customers over the last decade who have helped Process Parameters become one of the leading specialists in temperature measurement.  We’d love to hear from you again if you want a new or replacement device previously…

PPL23-TX Compact Temperature Tramsmitter with Hygienic Connection

PPL23-TX Sanitary Temperature Transmitter

[tabs slidertype=”simple”] [tab] [/tab] [tab] [/tab] [tab] [/tab] [/tabs] PPL23-TX Compact Temperature Transmitter – Hygienic Connection Our PPL20 series of sensors are evolutions of the traditional temperature probe designs. They are designed to offer the end user a compact design that is easy to use and maintain. The sensor is built around a single piece…