Optics Calculator for Thermal Imaging Cameras

On the right hand side you will find our Thermal Imaging Optics Calculator. Simply do the following to find out the optical field of view data for your selected camera and lens:

  1. From the drop down menu, select the model of camera and the lens size you wish to use.
  2. Enter the distance the camera will be away from the scene you wish to view.

Straight away you will see the area in which the camera and lens can view and will also show the size of each pixel. Each pixel offers you an individual temperature.

For further information on our range of cameras, please click on the images below.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Optris PI series of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are designed to bring the benefits of this developing technology to a wider range of applications and supplied by Process Parameters in the UK. By utilising thermal imaging in your application, it is possible to learn more about your process in a shorter time than ever before. Improve the quality of a manufactured product; reduce cycle times of machines or reduce your energy usage. The compact, robust design makes the cameras just as suitable for continuous process measurement and quality control as they are for R&D applications.

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