With IRmobile you are able to monitor your infrared temperature measurement on a connected smartphone or tablet. You can analyse the live IR image stream from your connected camera with auto hot and cold spot detection. This app works on most Android devices running 5.0 with a micro USB port supporting USB-OTG (On The Go).

Note: You will need to purchase the cable from us to suit your Thermal Imaging Camera or Infrared Pyrometer. Please contact us for further details.

IR Mobile Optris Android App, Process Parameters UK

General functions of the IRmobile App

  • Change of temperature unit
    Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Integrated simulator
  • Temperature time diagram with
    zoom function
IR Mobile Pyrometer Android App

Optris Infrared Pyrometers

  • Setup of emissivity, transmissivity and other parameters
  • Scaling of 4 – 20 mA/ 0 – 10 V output and setup of alarm output
IR Mobile Thermal Imaging Android App

Optris PI Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Live IR image with auto hot and cold spot
  • Adjustable camera features such as
    temperature range, frame rate
    and selectable colour palettes
  • Snapshot feature
Optris App for thermal imaging cameras

Support for

  • optris PI-series, XI-series
    and all Optris IR pyrometers
  • For Android devices running 5.0 or higher with Micro USB
    or USB-C connector supporting USB-OTG (On The Go)
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