Optris PI Connect software

Included with each Optris infrared camera is Optris PI Connect software for your Windows based PC. The software is very easy to use and allows you to get the most from your camera. It has no licensing constraints allowing you to install it as many times as necessary within your organisation. Updates are regularly released and are freely available. Optris PI Connect software is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and PC systems via Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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Some features of the Optris PI Connect software are described below.

Automatic Hot and Cold Spot Detection

The software can be configured to detect hot and cold spots automatically either on a real time image or as part of your post processing of recorded images and videos.

Freely Configurable Measuring Areas

You are free to create as few or as many measuring areas on the thermal image as necessary for your process. The measuring areas can be as small as one pixel but you can also configure rectangles and ellipses depending on your object.

The measuring areas function is very important and links in to other aspects of the software such as the alarm function. Temperature data for each measuring can also be saved in CSV format.

Temperature Profiles

It is often useful to monitor the temperature profile along a part. Optris PI Connect gives you this ability in an easily configurable setting. Position the profile line directly on the image and click and drag and see how the temperature varies over time.

Temperature Alarms

PI Connect is not just about a pictorial temperature image, we can also provide real temperature data over time in the form of a graph. This allows you to record the temperatures from each of your measuring areas and export the data to CSV format for analysis in Excel or similar.

Temperature/Time Diagram

Built into the software is a full flexible method of creating temperature alarms, both high and low, for each measuring area or segment of your display. This alarm can be presented either visually, audibly or external via our process interface connection.

We can also link the alarms into the colours displayed on the screen which gives a highly intuitive and simplified indication of areas that are in an alarm condition.

Linescanner Function

A standard function of PI Connect is the ability to convert your camera into a fully fledged Infrared Thermal Linescanner, ideal for use in conveyor type applications such as in paper mills, carpet manufacture and in the glass industry. The software can easily be configured to self trigger recording so that you only get the data you need.

Process Integration

PI Connect enables you to fully integrate the Optris PI series of thermal imaging cameras into your process and existing measurement systems.

Our cameras all have a unique Process Interface supplied as standard which enables us to communicate with external hardware and software. For example we have Analogue Inputs and Outputs which allow you to use perhaps an external reference sensor, or output a temperature measurement to your control system. We also have a digital input allowing you to trigger recording without accessing the software.

Please note we also offer three types of Software Development Kit (SDK) for our PI thermal imaging cameras, providing the greatest opportunity to integrate your thermal imaging data with existing applications.


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