Ova Service

The OVA service provides a range of OVA Transmitters for measuring a number of parameters in different operating environments. OVA transmitters can measure all the necessary parameters including those below. Backed up with a strong commitment to R&D, the OVA system is constantly being developed.

Air temperature and humidity

This is one of the most commonly measured parameters in almost every industry. We offer a number of transmitters for temperature and humidity measurements. The OVA service also provides custom design transmitter models to suit your needs.

Our transmitters can measure temperature of both solids as well as liquids and we can help you choose the right sensor and transmitter combination for your application.

Electric Quantities

When using an instrument, losing voltage or current can cause serious problems, which could be avoided by continuous measurement. Our Ova range can measure all the necessary electric quantities including voltage, current and resistance.


We also provide custom designed transmitter models to measure gases for example CO2 and Volatile organic compounds in a system.

All the acquired data can be stored and accessed instantly anywhere using the cloud based OVAPort system.

Contact us for more information on the OVA system or for a quotation.