Handheld digital thermometers for thermocouples offer a versatile and quick way of measuring temperature in your application.

Depending on the probe you use you could measure anything between -200 and 1150°C.

Our thermocouple thermometers have an miniature thermocouple socket enabling you to plug in a probe of your choice.

Need a probe? Contact us about this too.

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Type K Thermocouple Hand Held Indicator GMH-1150


Our GMH-1150 is the lowest cost, easiest to use thermometer in our range. It simply accepts a type K thermocouple via the miniature thermocouple socket on the top of the instrument and displays temperature in centigrade on its large LCD display. The instrument only has On and Off buttons.

Whilst it is simple and low cost, you can be assured of a good quality German instrument that will give trouble free operation.