Thermocouple with Pocket and Spring Loaded Insert – PPL8-T

Our PPL8-T spring loaded thermocouple is commonly used in industrial process control where it is necessary to provide the highest quality temperature measurement. The sensor is easily replaced in the shortest possible time with minimal effort. The custom-built temperature sensor is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range.

Technical Details

  • Sensor with Pocket and Insert
  • Stainless Steel Pocket Fitted into the Terminal Head
  • Separate Spring Loaded Insert fitted inside Head
  • Easy Sensor Withdrawal / Replacement
  • Immersion Lengths and Process Connections manufactured to your requirements
  • Choice of terminal block or transmitter options
  • Sensor Type: Type J, K or T thermocouple
  • Operating Range: -50 to 250°C
  • Sheath Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Tolerance Band: BS EN 60584-2:1993 Class 1 or Class 2
  • Wiring System: Simplex or Duplex
Download the PDF data sheet for the Thermocouple with Pocket and Spring Loaded Insert – PPL8-TData Sheet