USB Thermal Imaging Cameras for Industrial and R&D applications.

Optris’ infrared cameras are fully radiometric stationary thermographic systems with an excellent price-performance ratio. The thermographic camera is connected to a PC via USB and they are immediately ready to be used. Temperature data is displayed through the license-free analysis software.

Just recently, Optris have introduced a new low cost thermal heat camera in the Xi range. The Xi series is a fusion of a rugged, compact pyrometer and a modern small thermal camera. Thanks to analogue and digital outputs as well as the option to process up to nine freely definable measuring areas using an external process interface, the Xi camera is perfectly suited for OEM applications.

Below is some further information on the range offered:

Optris Precision Industrial

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris Compact Industrial

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

For Glass Applications

Thermal Imaging Cameras

For Metal Applications

The Optris Compact and Precision Line USB Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Compact small thermal camera and the Precision Line thermographic imaging camera for all applications. Which one is yours?

Optris PI 08M for Laser Applications is available from Process Parameters
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Suitable for fast processes (up to 1 kHz)
  • High thermal sensitivity (up to 40 mK NETD)
  • High optical resolution (up to 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Laser blocking filters
  • Temperature measuring ranges from -20 to 2000 °C
  • Different spectral ranges (500 nm / 1 μm / 7.9 μm / 7.5 – 13 μm)
  • Cooling accessories for harsh environments up to 315 °C ambient temperature
  • Shipped in a rugged outdoor case with a tripod and individual test report included
  • Microscope optics for circuit boards and tiny electronic components down to 85 µm (MFOV)
This USB Thermal camera is used not only as a camera but can also be used as a pyrometer to measure temperatures
  • Motor focus
  • Compact industrial thermal heat camera for temperature measurements from -20 to 900 °C
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder and direct analogue output – ideal for OEM use (Xi 80)
  • Direct Ethernet and RS485 interface (Xi 80)
  • Microscope optics for circuit boards and small electronic components down to 240 µm (MFOV)

General advantages of both USB thermal imaging cameras

Automatic hot spot detection

Objects can be examined thermally and hot or cold spots can be found automatically to reveal weak spots of the process.

Measure the thermal sensitivity of a PCB board using the the Optris Xi 80 USB thermal imaging camera

Fast temperature measurements

With Optris PI thermal imagers, temperature distributions on surfaces can be captured precisely within a millisecond interval.

Extensive software with line scan mode

The accompanying software Optris PIX Connect helps you with comprehensive temperature data analysis and documentation. Furthermore, the software contains a line scan mode which is generally used for processes with moving objects under test.

Easy process integration

Advanced interface concepts allow the integration within networks and automated systems:

  • USB cable extension up to 100 m over Ethernet or up to 10 km over fibre
  • Process interface (PIF) on the ir camera as analogue input/output (0 – 10 V) and digital input (low- und high-Level)
  • Software interface via Dynamic-Link-Library (DLL) and ComPort

Compare our USB Thermal Imaging Cameras

Infrared camera

optris PI 160

The small USB thermal imaging camera optris PI 160 is the basic model of the award-winning optris PI series.

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It allows for exact measurements from an object size of 1.5 mm on and is, due to its measurement speed of 120 Hz, perfectly suited for employment in research and development, test stations, and process automation as well as for portable measurement tasks. With a suitable adaptor, you could use this as a handheld thermal imaging camera if required.

The thermographic imaging camera standard version offers a temperature range from -20°C up to 900°C, which can be optionally expanded to 1500°C. It is available with four alternative optics and the software optris PIX Connect offers video and snapshot recordings, extensive analyses (offline, online) and is equipped with an integrated line scan camera function.

Important specifications

  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 900 °C
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm
  • Frame rate: 120 Hz
  • Software and I/O interface included

Infrared camera

optris PI 400 / PI 450

The infrared USB thermal camera optris PI 400 / PI 450 are the smallest thermographic cameras in their class.

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Being equipped with a measurement speed of 80 Hz and an optical thermal resolution of 382 x 288 pixels they provide real-time thermographic images in high speed.

The IR camera PI 450 is, due to its thermal sensitivity of 40 mK, specifically suited for the detection of slightest temperature differences, making it indispensable in quality control of products and in medical prevention.

The compact and high-performance infrared imaging camera offers a temperature range of -20°C up to 900°C, with the model optris PI 400 being optionally upgradeable up to 1,500°C. It can be delivered with exchangeable optics, industrial thermal imager equipment and it comes with an extensive license-free thermography software package.

Important specifications

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 900°C
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm
  • Frame rate: 80 Hz
  • Software and I/O interface included

Infrared camera

optris PI 640

The industrial thermal imaging camera USB optris® PI 640 is the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera worldwide.

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With an optical resolution of 640×480 pixels, the PI 640 delivers pin-sharp radiometric pictures and videos in real time.</p>
<p>With a body sized 45x56x90 mm and weighing only 320 grams (lens included), the optris<sup>®</sup> PI 640 counts among the most compact thermal imaging cameras on the market.

It can be delivered with industrial thermal imager equipment and it comes with an extensive license-free thermography professional software package.

Important specifications

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 900°C
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm
  • Frame rate: 32Hz
  • Software and I/O interface included

Short wavelength

infrared camera optris PI 1M

The newly developed thermal USB camera UK optris® PI 1M is especially suited for temperature measurements of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8-14 μm.

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In parallel with the visualisation of a thermal process, the high-performance sensor electronics allow a short reaction time of 1ms for the displaying of the temperature information of the centre pixel.

Important specifications

  • High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution
  • An infrared camera thermal imager with wide measurement ranges from 450 °C to 1800 °C without sub-ranges
  • Up to 1 kHz frame rate for fast processes
  • Real-time analogue output with 1 ms response time
  • Extensive software package and SDK included
  • 1 kHz line-scanning function possible
  • Starting from £ 2820, software and I/O interface included