Environmental Monitoring System - Nokeval OVA Cloud Service

OVA Cloud System is an efficient method of collecting, monitoring, storing and analysing data from your process.

Releasing you to focus on your core business, the Nokeval OVA system can provide you with all the data you need at your finger tips to make life as easy as possible. Whether you are meeting regulatory or contractual requirements for record keeping or looking for efficiencies, OVA can help.

Save time and energy to serve your customers better.

Develop your process with accurate, secure data.

We make it easy to collect and analyse data from your process.

Each system and location is unique and our expertise enables us to offer a system that works for you. We don’t do standard packages!

Build a system with Nokeval devices and OVA cloud platform

Choose the measuring devices you need from our off the shelf selection and connect them to our cloud platform.

The system includes

  • sensors
  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • cloud service
  • data storage

Collect measuring data to your current system

Add measuring transmitters to your current system. Analyze the collect data inside your existing platform.

The system includes

  • sensors
  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • API interface

Collect data from your devices to new cloud platform

Shift from local logging system to cloud service, but restore the current sensors. Switch the platform without changing the devices.

The system includes

  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • cloud platform
  • data storage

Museums, Stately Homes, Galleries

Choose our new discrete Kube transmitters for monitoring both Temperature and Humidity in a single unit. Using our innovative Sky LoRa transmission protocol with 10km line of sight range you can be assured of reliable transmission.

Advantages of Ova:-

  • eliminate manual download of data
  • simple, easy to use web based portal for all of your data
  • automatic alarms by SMS or email – find out about an issue when it happens
  • save time and money – concentrate on your core function
  • secure data provides piece of mind and compliance

Distribution and Warehousing

The Sky LoRa based wireless monitoring system has proven itself within large warehousing and refrigerated distribution depots. The potential to transmit over distances of up to 10km provides a reliable system without signal repeaters.

Benefits of Ova:-

  • choice of sensor type to monitor a wide range of temperatures
  • high accuracy humidity monitoring
  • long distance data transmission with Sky LoRa network
  • continuous data monitoring and automatic alarm as standard
  • smartphone access to data 24/7
  • API interface for integration with existing applications

Hotels, Restaurants and Catering

The Ova wireless system is suitable even for even the smallest of establishments, and is competitive with manually based systems.

Perfect for use in hotels and conference centres where air quality monitoring is paramount to the comfort of your guests.

How can Ova improve your system?

  • monitor temperature, humidity, surface hygiene
  • monitor deep freeze, chilled and cooked food
  • spot check with hand held devices and smartphone app
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of stock with immediate alarm
  • eliminate waste from inadequate control
  • secure data storage provides easy compliance with food safety legislation
Your data when you want it.

Wireless Temperature Measurements

Collect measurement data from cold rooms, deep freezers, ovens, server rooms or anywhere you want. The measuring data is collected automatically to the storage system and displayed in both numbers and graphics.

Wireless Humidity Measurements

Keep track of the relative humidity of indoor air and react immediately in case of radical changes to humidity levels. We provide two sensor sensitivity levels to the system, traditional capacitive sensors and super accurate Swiss sensors. You can choose the accuracy and speed you need, we do the rest.

Surface Hygiene Measurements

Take a sample of a surface, analyse it instantly and get results in a minute. You now know immediately if the cleaning procedure is sufficient or should it be improved. The test results are saved automatically to the cloud service.

Your data where you want it.

Wireless Data Transmission

Place the measuring transmitters freely where you want them. Wireless transmitting enables data collection also in challenging locations where there is no mains power. Our new Sky LoRa transmitters permit transmission of distances of up to 10km line of sight.

Wired Transmission

Utilise your existing wired devices by connecting them to the new system. Our data collection service can also collect data from other manufacturer’s devices with wired connections.

Buffer Memory

Collect data during power outages. Our receiver units utilise a buffer memory and stand by battery power supply and will collect and keep measuring data stored also when the transmission is blocked unexpectedly. All collected data will be transferred to the cloud platform once the outage is over.

Your data how you want it.

Status View

See information of every measuring point at one glance in a simple traffic light format. We have gathered all measuring data on the main page to ensure easy access to all important data. You also see all active alarms and tasks at the same view.

Automatic Alarms

SMS and email alarms from the locations or measuring points you want. You can save multiple duty officers to the system and specify time periods you want each to be alarmed. Alarm delays can be configured to avoid defrost cycles. All acknowledgements, comments and accomplished tasks are saved to the system.

Smartphone App

Access data and tasks wherever you are at any time with the Android/Apple Ovaport App. Acknowledge alarms and take spot measurements with our bluetooth temperature and surface hygiene probes.

Manage your data flexibly when, where and how you want with OVA.

API interface

Transfer measuring data to your own system via our API interface. The interface can also be used simultaneously with the cloud platform, so you can choose the best features from each system.

ModBus RTU

Link your existing devices to the same system as your new wireless devices and utilise them easily without excessive device purchases.

Surveillance Plan

Create instructions and notes for each measuring point so that all eventualities are covered. Service plans, what to do in event or even how to take spot checks. Surveillance plan helps all staff members to understand and comply with all details, when instructions are always at hand.

More than just hardware, Process Parameters offer a full service…

Free consultation

We’d love to hear about the measuring challenges you are facing. What does your perfect system measure, what features it must include, with what systems do you want it to work with? The system consultation is always free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase.

Design the system

How many transmitters, how far is your transmitting range, what’s the preferred interval, how many locations do you want to include in one system? Our experts help you choose the most suitable option of wireless transmitting, sensors and features to your system.


After the system plan has been finalised, you’ll make the installation plan with our technicians. We can arrange installation for you or can assist if you wish to install yourself.


One service provider to do everything, is that possible? We offer maintenance and calibration services for Nokeval devices as well as full upkeep for our cloud service. You won’t need anyone else.