OVA – the wireless monitoring system by Finnish manufacturer Nokeval – has been proving itself at two recent installations completed by Process Parameters for a well known global distribution company.


The brief was for a monitoring system to be supplied which operated completely independently of the refrigeration control system to provide an autonomous record of mainly temperature values across the sites for quality control purposes.

A notable challenge was the physical size of the sites which were of the order of 3000m2 and included metallic, insulated walls and doors. This proved to be of no issue for the OVA transmitter and receiver system which has a line of sight range of 1km. In one installation we used just two signal repeaters and in the other just one.

Temperature Monitoring of Refrigerated Distribution Depot

As the system is wireless and mainly operates by battery power, the systems were installed extremely quickly by the customers own technicians and Process Parameters were than able to visit site to complete configuration and provide training on the Ovaport monitoring system. In both cases this was completed with a couple of hours.

Both systems have now been running for a period of time with no outages due to poor signal and all data has been accessible 24 hours a day simply through a standard web browser. The built in alarm system will notify selected users of temperature exceptions via email and SMS text message.

When completed and the clients staff were trained they were very complementary and compared our system as being “one hundred times better than the (well known temperature instrument manufacturer) system and I hope they replace that with yours”.

We are now expecting further systems to be installed in the near future based on this excellent track record of economical and reliable hardware whilst being simple to install, maintain and use.

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