TXC Capillary Temperature Gauge

Process Parameters offers a complete range of made to order, high quality, remote reading TXC capillary temperature gauges. Available with a wide choice of options to meet the requirements of most industrial applications including those with high demands such as the oil and gas, petrochemical and shipping markets.

These nitrogen actuated dial thermometers are fitted with a capillary of custom made lengths from 5 cm to 50 m, and are ideal for reliable and accurate remote readings of a process temperature in the range -200°C to +800°C.

Gauge options include a choice of dial size, different mounting options and sensing bulbs to suit your application.

There are too many options to list here so please contact us with your enquiry and we can quote you by return.

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  • Nitrogen actuated measurement system – more reliable than bi-metallic.
  • Wide range of stem diameters and lengths.
  • Bottom or back entry connection.
  • Round (63, 80, 100,160 and 250 mm), square or rectangular cases in various sizes.
  • Panel mount, surface mount or bracket mounting.
  • Plexiglass window for food industry.
  • Silicone or glycerine oil filling.
  • Variety of electrical contacts/micro switches.
  • Choice of stem connections.
  • Independent electronic measurement built in with 4-20mA or 0-10V output.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Rugged design.
  • Diesel engine exhaust gas thermometers suitable for direct & remote monitoring.
  • Temperature ranges from -200°C and +800°C.
  • Dials in many units to suit customers specifications.
  • Sub-sea gauges for 1000m. Extremely rugged design for harsh environments.
  • Wide range of hygienic connections available including DIN, ANSI, SMS, Varivent, APV, IDF, ISO, RJT, Tri-Clamp and other standards.