Optris PI LightWeight – infrared images and videos from the air.

Optris PI LightWeight for flight thermography

The Optris PI LightWeight  Thermal Imaging Camera Kit incorporated into a UAV or drone provides Radiometric Thermal Videos or Snapshots for all aerial applications.

The newly developed optris PI LightWeight is a market innovation which allows for  fully radiometric recordings of video imagery from the air. The combination of a miniature lightweight PC and a light version of the optris PI thermal imager weighs only 380 g.

The optris PI LightWeight has been especially designed for aerial thermographic inspections. Mounted on a UAV, the optris PI Lightweight allows recording of radiometric IR images and videos. The flight thermography system is therefore eminently suitable for error detection and quality inspections of solar farms and wind power systems. The innovative combination of a lightweight mini PC and a thermal imaging camera is also ideally suited for thermographic analyses of hard-to-reach places like roofs of buildings (building thermography) and it is already in use in agriculture where fields are being inspected before being mowed (presence detection)


Specifications of LightWeight PC (Recording Box)

  • Power supply 10-48 VDC
  • Power consumption: 6 W
  • Cooling: Active (integrated fan)
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 50°C
  • Relative humidity: 10 … 95 %, non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 96 x 67 x 47 mm
  • Weight: 380 g (PI camera + Recording Box)
  • Material (housing): Aluminum
  • Module: Odroid XU4
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos/ 2 GHz
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Memory: 16 GB eMMC, 2 GB RAM (LPDDR3), SDHC card (16 GB), USB 3.0 flash drive (128 GB)
  • Connections: Ethernet (GigE/ 1000 Mbit/s), 2x USB 3.0/ 1x USB 2.0, 1x Mini-USB for GoPro Hero3+ (or better), 1x HDMI, 1x TVout, 2x JR connectors
  • Terminals: +5V DC out, Video IN (VIS camera), TVout, 2x external switches
  • Control (via JR connectors or terminal): Start/ Stop recording, Switch VIS/ IR camera
  • Additional features: GPS support, 5 status LEDs


Specifications optris PI camera head

  • Measuring range: -20 °C … 900 °C
  • Spectral range: 7.5 – 13 μm
  • Accuracy: ± 2 % or ± 2 °C
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD): 40/ 80 mK (depending on camera model)
  • Optrics: 13° … 90° HFOV
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 px / 382 x 288 px
  • Dimensions: 46 x 56 x 90 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0…50/ 70 °C (PI 450)