Temperature Calibration Service

Temperature Calibration Certificates for all Process Parameters industrial temperature probes are traceable to national standards. It can be provided at the time of purchase or if sensors are returned for a service calibration. Certificates of Conformity are also available upon request.

Exposure to temperature variation, or general wear and tear can cause instrument readings to drift over time. Regular annual calibration, or at time periods recommended by the manufacturer will help maintain accuracy by reducing measurement errors. It will also keep you in compliance with your industry standards.

Process Parameters offers a prompt and efficient service at very competitive prices for both our own probes and  most other makes and models of temperature instruments. We are able to provide 3 point or 5 point temperature calibration with traceability to National Standards in the range -25°C to +200°C. We do this using stable fluid baths and high accuracy independent reference thermometers. This traceable service includes measurement readings for every test point for new probes, and ‘As Found’ and ‘As Left’ measurement readings for all subsequent calibrations. We are also able to outsource calibration that is outside the range we offer, or if full UKAS accreditation is required.

Optris infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras can also be calibrated for accuracy just like any other thermometer, using a black body. Using a heat source of known emissivity is the only way to give reliable calibration of infrared sensors. As with other equipment, accurate measurements from Optris infrared devices cannot be guaranteed without regular annual calibration.

Calibration Certificates for all Optris infrared pyrometers and thermal imagers can be purchased at the time of purchase or if they are returned for a service calibration. Process Parameters are able to offer this service for non-contact infrared sensors in the range +35°C to +400°C, using our own in house black body.  Calibration of Optris infrared sensors above 400°C and Optris thermal imaging cameras is provided by the Optris facility in Germany.

New Calibration Capabilities

Process Parameters has been recently been investing to expand their calibration services. Our new calibration rig from Optris, along with an additional Black Body reference source means that we can calibrate infrared probes on a quicker lead time. The purchase of 2 high temperature furnaces means we can now offer calibration certificates, traceable to national standards, of both probes and infrared sensors between -25°C and 1200°C.